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This entrance qualification can be a Bachelor's degree, Staatsexamen, or Diplom for example, and is reviewed to make sure you fulfill the admissions requirements for your chosen Master's program. Mathematics: Discrete mathematics, analysis for computer scientists, linear algebra, numerical mathematics, applied stochastics. Then you have confirmation that your application has been received on time. Applications can be submitted at any time. PDF document which you have to fill out, sign and hand in with the respective person in the letterhead, either in person or via postal service.

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Based on the application documents, the examination board will decide on whether the applicant meets the above educational admission requirements. The application submission deadline is a hard deadline and no late applications are accepted, no exceptions. The equivalence/sufficiency of the qualification is determined by the relevant examination board for each individual applicant. Office Hours, please write an email, admission Requirements. Please read all information carefully before you apply! Technical computer science: technical computer science, operating systems and systems software, data communication and security. Program: such students may be given provisional admission.

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Information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, hardship application. The application deadline for the summer semester is January. The ISC is happy to provide detailed information on the application process and answer your questions. Thesis registrations, extensions, and title changes are usually processed in two weeks. For all other degrees, please contact the Examination Board of the respective faculty. The application deadline for the winter semester of 2017/18 is March 1, 2017; the application deadline for the summer semester of 2018 is September 1, 2017. Tips, if you enclose a stamped, pre-addressed postcard, we will return it to you immediately after receipt of your application. Important Information on External Theses. You must submit your entrance qualification for Master's studies or MZB to enroll in a Master's courses of study.

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Most of the applications will usually be dealt with at the next session of the Examination Board. Further, practical achievements or language skills in accordance with the exam regulations in the case of a Master course of study with restricted admission, that is a Master with NC, the study placement acceptance or admissions letter. Deutsche Version, do to the spreading of the coronavirus the Examination Board office hour is suspended. . If the application does not reach rwth by the application deadline, it will not be considered. Program according to Section.2 includes the skills and competencies in: Applied computer science: programming, data structures and algorithms, databases and information systems, software engineering. Organizational Information in the section Bachelor's Thesis and Colloquium. We would like to emphasize in the light of current events that externally advertised theses without an issuing supervisor from the Department of Computer Science cannot be accepted! To ensure a higher degree of interdisciplinary skills, 18 of the 90 credits are in an elective subject of application, such as business administration, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or mathematics. Please refer to the box Similar Topics below to read find the necessary exam regulation.

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If you want to use a Bachelors thesis written in English as evidence of your English language skills, please enclose a copy of your bachelors thesis. The educational background required for the Computer Science. Using these data you can view the status of your application and check whether all documents have been received: Login Application Status. Lehramt Informatik (GyGe und BK master of Science Data Science, master of Science Media Informatics. Theoretical computer science: formal systems, automata and processes, and calculability and complexity, mathematical logic.

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Please have Javascript enabled in your browser for the subsequent pages (it should be enabled by default). Master introduction event - Slides, here you can find the recent slides to the introduction event for Master students of Computer Science: The typical length of study for the Master's course of study is four semesters. Depending on the nature of your inquiry, your application will be sent to the Examination Board straight via e-mail or you will be presented with. This is where you can send applications and appeals to the Examination Board for Computer Science of rwth Aachen University. Have you already completed a university degree and now want to pursue a Master course of study? The program is made up of modules. Provisional Admission, students who have not completed their first university degree so far are also invited to apply for the Computer Science. After having completed the online application process, please print out the generated covering letter, sign it and send it to rwth Aachen in a timely manner.

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The courses offered cover a broad spectrum of subjects includng algorithms and complexity; automata and logic; software engineering, modelling, and verification; computer graphics; multimedia and human-machine interaction; computer-aided learning; databases and data exploration; imbedded systems; high performance computing; communication systems; artificial intelligence;. It offers students a flexible opportunity to shape their studies. This information applies to, requirements, in order to complete a Master's course of study at rwth Aachen, you need an initial university degree which is serves as your entrance qualification for Master's studies, with which you can provide proof. The information on external theses apply to Master's Theses as well. Full admission is granted if the student completes the degree prior to the beginning of the first semester of the Masters course. The core of the program is an elective component encompassing 90 credits. Please pay attention to the schedule. Please make sure to keep the deadlines for application.

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