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Albert-Einstein-Allee 47, 89069 Ulm (Schmalegg ethikkommission der Universitt Ulm, helmholtzstrae 20, 89081 Ulm (Burlafingen). We strive to deepen this sort of contact as well as contribute to the continuing education of our members. Yes yes Master Europische Integration yes yes Bachelor Europische Geschichte yes yes Master Europische Geschichte Individual descision. Guhr Impact of the tick-size on financial returns and correlations Physica A 389, 4828 (2010),   preprint: arXiv:1001.5124. Europhysics Letters 110, 68003 (2015),   preprint: arXiv:1502.07522,.A. Seligman Emerging spectra of singular correlation matrices under small power-map deformations Phys. Mech., P08012 (2015),   preprint: arXiv:1503.09004,. Neu-Ulm Marlene-Dietrich-Strae 1, Neu-Ulm (Schwaighofen) metro Borsigstrae 8, Neu-Ulm John Deere Finninger Strae 56, Neu-Ulm hnliches aus ganz Deutschland Alumni der Politikwissenschaft der Martin-Luther-Universitt Halle-Wittenberg.V. Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, 89069 Ulm (Burlafingen) business hnliche Orte in der Nhe, universitt Ulm Institut fr Neuroinformatik.

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Schfer, impact of non-stationarity on estimating and modeling empirical copulas of daily stock returns preprint: arXiv:1506.08054. Albert-Einstein-Allee 45, 89081 Ulm (Schmalegg institut fr Lasertechnologien in der Medizin an der Universitt Ulm. Stability and Hierarchy of Quasi-Stationary States: Financial Markets as an Example. Master Anglistik / Amerikanistik yes Bachelor Europa-Studien kultur-/sozialwiss. Mech., P01029 (2015),   preprint: arXiv:1406.5386.C. The, wiWi Alumni Club, ulm serves as an information and communication platform for both students and graduates in the business administration and economics programme of Ulm University.

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Stanley Identifying States of a Financial Market Scientific Reports 2 : 644 (2012),   preprint: arXiv:1202.1623. University of Ulm in 1997. The name might be translated into English. Rudi Schfer beschftigt sich mit der statistischen Analyse und Modellierung von Finanz- und Wirtschaftsdaten. Guhr Non-Stationarity in Financial Time Series and Generic Features Europhysics Letters 103, 58003 (2013),   preprint: arXiv:1304.5130 Vinayak,. Our aim is to foster the mutual exchange between students and graduates of Ulm University and business and professional communities. Master Rechnungslegung und Unternehmenssteuerung yes yes Master Value Chain Management yes yes Master Kundenbeziehungsmanagement yes yes Master Finance yes yes Master Business Intelligence Analytics yes yes Master Wirtschaftswissenschaften fr Juristen yes yes Bachelor Management yes yes Bachelor Public Sector Management yes. Guhr A Random Matrix Approach to Credit Risk plos ONE, 9, e98030 (2014),   preprint: arXiv:1102.3900.C. Schfer Calibration of structural and reduced-form recovery models Journal of Credit Risk 8 (4 31-51 (2012),   preprint: arXiv:1102.4864.A. Annual reunions are one of the main events of the Alumni Club, where students, alumni and members of the faculty have the opportunity to meet each other and share their experiences.

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The FS Alumni Barbecue is one example, a casual setting for members to meet and discuss ideas or exchange experiences. It especially promotes research activities, teaching activities and international cooperation. Guhr Power mapping with dynamical adjustment for improved portfolio optimization Quantitative Finance 10, (2010). Portfolio return distributions: Sample statistics with stochastic correlations. Guhr Credit risk and the instability of the financial system: An ensemble approach Europhysics Letters 105, 38004 (2014),   preprint: arXiv:1309.5245.A. Scheule (Eds.) John Wiley Sons, New York (April, 2013) isbn:.

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Our aim in the area of alumni work is to achieve very close contact between the alumni and the faculty, including the sharing of experiences and information. Is a defense via video conferencing possible? Quantile correlations: Uncovering temporal dependencies in financial time series accepted for publication in ijtaf,. Bachelor Interkulturelle Kommunikation yes yes Master Interkulturelle Kommunikation - Interkulturelle Kompetenz yes yes Bachelor Medienkommunikation Individual descision. Empirical Economics, DOI.1007/s (2015) preprint: m/abstract2320675,. In comparison to regular physics students, Wirtschaftsphysik students have to participate in about half as many experiments in experimental physics and are only required to take three of the usual five lectures. The approvals are only valid as long as no regular personal on site operation can be carried out. James-Franck-Ring 1, 89081 Ulm (Burlafingen medizinische Fakultt, albert-Einstein-Allee 7, 89081 Ulm (Jungingen). Helmholtzstrae 12, 89081 Ulm (Jungingen universitt Ulm: Institut fr Psychologie und Pdagogik.

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Guhr Compensating asynchrony effects in the calculation of financial correlations Physica A 389, 767 (2010),   preprint: arXiv:0910.2909. Please contact the chairperson of the examination board. Guhr Statistical causes for the Epps effect in microstructure noise International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance 14, (2011) preprint: arXiv:1009.6157.C. Compounding approach for univariate time series with non-stationary variances preprint: arXiv:1503.02177,. Ulm (Burlafingen Albert-Einstein-Allee 11: Telefonnummer Adresse). It is a club for students, graduates and postgraduates of Ulm University, which provides a comprehensive connection between university education and professional practice.

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Koivusalo Dependence of defaults and recoveries in structural credit risk models Economic Modelling 30, 1-9 (2013),   preprint: arXiv:1102.3150.C. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance 18, 1550012 (2015) preprint: arXiv:1308.3961,. Grothe Estimating correlation and covariance matrices by weighting of market similarity Quantitative Finance, 14, 931-939 (2014),   preprint: arXiv:1006.5847.A. Sedanstrae 141, Ulm Mbel Mahler Abhollager Dornierstrae 16, Neu-Ulm Bacchus Weinhaus Graf Eltz GmbH Ndl. Institut fr Elektronische Bauelemente und Schaltungen. The, university Society of Ulm University helps to ensure development and continued growth at Ulm University. Bachelor Pdagogik yes yes Master Pdagogik yes yes Bachelor Politikwissenschaften yes yes Master Politikwissenschaften yes yes Bachelor Germanistik no no Master Interkulturelle Germanistik no no Master Rezeptionskulturen der Vormoderne no no Master Semiotik und Multimodale Kommunikation Individual descision. The Ulm University association.

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Bachelor, physik no yes, master, physik no yes, bachelor, wirtschaftsphysik no yes, bachelor. The association has a special interest in fostering direct communication between active members and alumni. Die Nachwuchsgruppe "Wirtschaftsphysik" unter Leitung von. FAQ for the procedure. Ori, pfarrer-Wei-Weg 16-18, 89077 Ulm (Schmalegg proGenius Private Berufliche Schule Ulm. Berg GmbH - Capio Blausteinklink Erhard-Grzinger-Strae 102, 89134 Blaustein (Windflte) stars Momentan nachgefragte Telefonbucheintrge aus Ulm (Donau) Max Weiss Lebkuchenfabrik Neu-Ulm GmbH Messerschmittstrae 28, Neu-Ulm Kriminalpolizeidirektion Ulm Lindenstrae 1, Ulm (Gerden) dm Drogeriemarkt Im Starkfeld 57, Neu-Ulm Oberlin.V. Master Nachhaltige Energieversorgungstechnologien yes yes Master Print Media Technology yes yes Master Textile Strukturen und Technologien yes yes Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Bachelor Elektromobilitt yes yes Master Elektromobilitt yes yes Bachelor Informations- und Komminikationstechnik yes yes Bachelor Regenerative Energietechnik yes. Econophysics but it is questionable if both terms mean the same thing. Spatial Dependence in Stock Returns - Local Normalization and VAR Forecasts.

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Schillerstrae 47, 89077 Ulm (Schmalegg hochschule Ulm, prittwitzstrae 10, 89075 Ulm (Schmalegg) kern AG Training Sprachschule Hirschstrae 20, 89073 Ulm (Schmalegg) near_me Albert-Einstein-Allee : Interessante Orte in der der Umgebung Universittsklinikum Ulm Abt. Guhr Zooming into market states. Constructing Analytically Tractable Ensembles of Non-Stationary Covariances with an Application to Financial Data preprint: arXiv:1503.01584. Dependence structure of market states,. Albert-Einstein-Allee 23, 89081 Ulm (Schmalegg universitt Ulm, Abt. Every year, Wirtschaftsphysik Alumni organises various events in cooperation with the FS to provide current and former students the opportunity to come together. The Alumni Network is mainly shaped by the ties the graduates have to their university and their time spent together as students. E 88, 032115 (2013),   preprint: arXiv:1304.4982.F.R. Nephrologie Robert-Koch-Strae 45, 89081 Ulm (Windflte) Universittsklinikum Ulm Zentrum fr Innere Medizin Albert-Einstein-Allee 23, 89081 Ulm (Windflte) Universittsklinik Abt. Chemie yes yes, master, chemie yes yes, diplom, chemnie yes yes, master, advanced Functional Materials yes yes, master, computational Science no yes, bachelor, sensorik und kognitive Psychologie yes yes, master, sensorik und kognitive Psychologie yes yes Mathematics kombiniert Bachelor/MA Mathematik yes yes int.

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Dynamics of quasi-stationary systems: Finance as an example. The purpose of the, fIN Club is to connect future, current and former students, staff, lecturers and people interested in the field of computer science. It is composed of studies. Guhr Local normalization: Uncovering correlations in non-stationary financial time series Physica A 389, 3856 (2010).C. Montag: 08:0012:00 Uhr, 14:0018:00 Uhr, Dienstag: 08:0012:00 Uhr, 15:0019:00 Uhr, Mittwoch: 08:0013:00 Uhr, Donnerstag: 08:0012:00 Uhr, 14:0018:00 Uhr, Freitag: 08:0012:00 Uhr, Samstag: Geschlossen, Sonntag: Geschlossen, karte fr Wirtschaftsphysik Alumni.V. In the first two years, the emphasis is on Physics and Mathematics but after the Bachelor Economics and Computer Science become more important. Credit risk: taking fluctuating asset correlations into account accepted for publication in Journal of Credit Risk. Mech., P08011 (2015),   preprint: arXiv:1503.00556,.

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The WiWi Alumni Club offers the possibility to stay in touch with other alumni as well as with Ulm University itself. The following list lists the approvals given by the chairmen of the examination boards for oral examinations, and defenses beeing performed via video conferencing. MA / Phd Mathematik yes yes Diplom Mathematik yes yes Bachelor Finanzmathematik yes yes Bachelor Wirtschaftsmathematik yes yes Master Data Science yes yes Bachelor mint yes yes Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Maschinenbau no yes Master Maschinenbau no yes Diplom Maschinenbau. Institut fr Pathologie am Universittsklinikum Ulm. Faculty / Central Institution, degree, study Program, is an oral exam via video conferencing possible? Bachelor Integrative Lerntherapie yes yes Master Integrative Lerntherapie yes yes Bachelor Prventionsmanagement yes yes Master Prventionsmanagement yes yes Master Frder- und Inklusionspdagogik yes yes Master Customer Relationship Management yes yes Bachelor Event- und Messemanagement yes yes Master Eventmanagement yes.

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